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Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash 

AS Apothecary
They are a small batch distillery that creates scents from nature for aromatic waters, balms and creams from what they grow and collect from fields and mountains in Scotland, Sussex and Cyprus. They never test on animals, all ingredients are organic, no wasted packaging, and all products are vegan except the balms. Beeswax and honey used in the balms comes from the bees on their organic farm.

Here is a note from Amanda Saurin, founder of AS Apothecary:
“For us, it’s all about the plants, community, environment and an appreciation of the inter-connectedness of us all. We hope that our products have a subtle, nurturing influence on body, mind and spirit and that everything that we make is a gentle catalyst for reconnection.”

Lothian Lavender Scotland
A family run business, all of their products are handmade in Scotland and they are also the only lavender growers in Scotland. Started out by making hand embroidered bags filled with lavender from their homegrown lavender. Lavender oil is made at their farm using a traditional copper steam distillation. Lavender plants are grown in East Lothian in their cottage garden. They also grow a variety of herbs and plants that are blended with their products. Lavender plants are hand harvested. They do not test on animals and all creams and soaps are vegan. 
Founder and maker of lovely lavender things, Sue Tait

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company
A family run Scottish company making hand crafted soaps and natural body care products. They started at their kitchen table, making soaps and then grew from there! Their attention to quality at each stage of what they make is essential and seen as a craft. Everything is free from artificial colours, fragrance oils and preservatives. All scents are made with pure essential oils and the beeswax and honey are sourced from Hood’s bee farm in Ormiston, Scotland. Soaps are made using traditional cold process method. All products are handmade at their Studio Labs in East Lothian, Scotland. They never test on animals, all ingredients are organic and they use eco friendly packaging.
Founder and maker, Tommy Crooks

The Tartan Blanket Co.
This is a family run business in Edinburgh, Scotland. They design traditional Scottish tartan blankets made from wool or cashmere, all natural and sustainable. They partner with a family run mill in India that uses 100% recycled materials to create recycled wool and another family mill in Inner Mongolia for lambswool and cashmere. They have helped create jobs for people there and in Scotland. They donate 2% of all their revenue to protect our planet and assist people in need.
“The Tartan Blanket Co. was created with passion and soul and we try to put that into every design created, every product woven…” - Co-founders, Emma and Fergus Macdonald

The Solid Cologne Project
A family run business based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Their colognes are made from a natural base of Bees Wax, Shea Butter and Almond Oil. Great care is taken in adding fragrances to the base which creates the final scent. Each scent name is inspired by the gorgeous Scottish landscape. Solid Cologne is a wax based, alcohol free alternative to traditional aftershaves or perfumes. All their products are 'animal cruelty free' and have been fully cosmetically tested (CPSR), notified and approved for use and sale in the UK & EU.
Created and made by Peter Briggs

Inspirwood: creative wooden media
A family run business with green (environmentally friendly) ideas based in Teignmouth,UK. Began as a small graphic design business and branched into making lots of lovely things from wood, like business cards, signs, tags, stationary and more. They can print on a variety of timbers and often custom build bespoke items. Their wood is from sustainable sources that use FSC and PEFC certified managed forests. They use 100% renewable electricity in the warehouse where they work. All inks used in printing are UV cured (no odour) and energy efficient. They are plastic free and care greatly about protecting the environment. Even their packaging is recyclable. 
Founders, Pete and Kate Williams

Edie & Beau
Based in Lancashire, UK. Inspired by nature, these are handmade ethical and eco friendly products. Each item is made using high quality, cruelty-free materials. Natural plant-based fibres are also used and natural jute hessian and linen. They support Britain's wildlife and nature conservation and are passionate about protecting natural environments.

Here is a note from Kelly Suleman, founder of Edie & Beau:
“Creating nature inspired handmade products means adopting a particular kind of creative process…This is what I call a nature embodied creative process. This part of the process is a slow, organic one which involves very little, if any, conceptualisation but a natural unfolding of creative responses.”