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Sensory Awareness (online and in person)

Living with connection and compassion. This is a practice of learning how to live with each moment. When we slow down it's easier for us to feel what is happening in us and around us. This means we become more connected to ourselves and the world. Feeling more connected helps us to find new ways of being in relationship. We can then cultivate a life practice that is attentive to living with more compassion, kindness, connection, and response - ability. We discover that caring for ourselves helps us to care for the world.

These are guided group sessions that help us to be more aware of our experiences. Inviting us to become more awake to what is happening in us and around us. Exploring how we respond to sensations we feel, for example, our breathing, balance, the space around us. We will have time to share together throughout the session.

Group session: First Tuesday of each month 6:00 - 7:00 pm BST (United Kingdom)

Dates for next gatherings:

  • 7 May
  • 4 June
  • 2 July
  • 6 August

Group sessions are donation based and can be sent via BACS or PayPal. Please email us to request BACS info. Or go to our GIVE page to use PayPal.

To receive class Zoom link please register here... 

Join a session

For Sensory Awareness 1:1 sessions please message us here email us

The 1:1 sessions are on a 'give what you can' basis with the understanding and agreement decided before we begin and adjusted as and if needed along the way.