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Welcome to Compassionate Accompaniment CIC (Community Interest Company), a not for profit social enterprise that was created to offer additional guidance and support for health and well being to individuals and communities.

Compassionate Accompaniment helps individuals and communities to create compassionate care practices for both life and death. We offer Share Our Table Gatherings for grief and also caregivers.

Our focus is on helping you create compassionate care practices that can be blended into your life. Learning to listen to what is happening in our bodies and understand ways to be with what we notice is part of caring for ourselves. This includes embodied mindful practices through attention to breath and body sensations.

Compassionate Accompaniment embraces what it means to be mindful and present with oneself and others at the same time as we move through life. The word accompaniment can mean a part of a musical composition designed to support other parts. Like music our bodies resonate and are always receiving and emitting vibrations. The attention we give to these vibrations can affect our health and our interconnectedness with the world.

Slowing down, tuning in . . . Much of our lives are spent in search of something outside of us, yet there remains a vast, unknown universe within us. When we slow our usual pace and learn to move with awareness we have more opportunities to sense what is happening in us and around us. This helps to restore balance to our body and our life.

Caring for ourselves helps us to care for the world.