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Misty Hannah is an End of Life Companion with a focus on grief support. She is a fully qualified, registered and insured Somatic Movement Educator and Qi Gong/Taiji practitioner. She holds a Masters Degree in Dance and Somatic Well Being from the University of Central Lancashire and is a registered professional member of ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association).

Other projects:

2002 - 2019: Founded Envoy: explorations in movement. A movement, dance and research company with a focus on an inquiry into tracing migratory patterns of dance around the world. From 2010 Butoh dance influenced much of her artistic approach.

2016 - 2018: Part of Leaders Group for Sensory Awareness Foundation. Explorations in bringing awareness to bodily sensing as a mindfulness practice. Culminating with workshops in Mexico.

2016 - 2019: Misty volunteered with the British Red Cross as a caseworker for the Mum's Project. Helping to bring support to women who are refugees/asylum seekers who are pregnant when they arrive in Scotland.

2017- present: She continues to offer well being workshops to women refugees who need ongoing support.

2019 - present: Founded Compassionate Accompaniment CIC, not for profit social enterprise and was awarded funding from Firstport


MA with Distinction: Dance and Somatic Well Being (University of Central Lancashire)

Taiji and Qi Gong Instructor certificates, registered with Tai Chi Healthways

Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association ISMETA 

For ISMETA Code of Ethics click here

Sensory Awareness Leader and member of Sensory Awareness Leaders' Guild 

Certificate, End of Life Doula, from Red Tent End of Life Doulas

Independent Butoh Dance Artist

When I first began researching/studying movement and dance the focus was on finding connections through migration, threads and patterns that they share. However, it became more about what it is to be human and the exploration of that through movement. And so this exploratory approach continues and greatly informs my teaching and practice. Throughout the centuries movement has been a voice of humanity, endlessly connecting and reminding us of what it is to be human, of our relationship with ourselves and the world. - Misty Eve Hannah