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Compassionate Contemplations

The first month of the year can be difficult and people tend to feel a lot of pressure to change themselves. Everywhere you look there are advertisements for gym memberships and diet pills, brightly coloured posters listing all the ways you need to change in 2023, filling many who see them with a false sense of inadequacy. This month's blog by our marketing assistant Jess focuses on ways we can treat ourselves with kindness and change our perspective on the so called "January Blues". 


woman walking in snow

January is a tough month, Christmas spending has us all tightening our purse strings, the cold weather and short days can make us feel like we want to curl up in a duvet and shut the curtains until Spring time. Rather than a month of gloom, we’d like to turn January into the month of rest and appreciation. It’s okay if you’re not quite fulfilling your New Years resolutions and your impulse gym membership is on a high shelf collecting dust. The pressure to improve is intense at this time of year. Give yourself permission to slow down and start your year off refreshed and open for what’s to come.

So how can we flip the script and start the year as we mean to go on? We can start by being mindful with our resolutions, and no, it’s not too late to change them! Try making realistic resolutions that are focused on helping you feel more balanced in your life. For example, a kinder alternative to “this year I will lose weight” is “this year I will heal my relationship with food and make healthier choices”. By taking the pressure out of the expectations you have placed on yourself, you might find yourself actually sticking to them. Next, take the time to celebrate the little things, which in itself is a fantastic resolution! We so often beat ourselves up for our mistakes and forget to celebrate when something goes well. It’s so important to treasure the moments in life that make us feel good about ourselves, let's make 2023 the year of looking inward and saying “well done!”

Someone may be reading this thinking “I didn’t make any resolutions this year", that's okay too! Remember to take time to rest and find joy in the little things. We hope you have a fantastic 2023.