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Compassionate Contemplations

At CA we know how hard it can be to fit every self care trend and wellness technique around your daily schedule. That's why our marketing assistant Jess has put together five effective tips for combating stress that you can easily fit into your life. 


Most people will experience some level of stress in their lifetime. In small bursts, stress can motivate us to complete tasks and face problems, but in excess it can be extremely damaging to a persons mental and physical health. It can lead to coping mechanisms such as alcoholism and addiction, and can put significant strain on an individuals relationships and personal life. It can be overwhelming trying to deal with it on your own, and daunting to reach out for help, so we’ve put together a list of tips to combat stress that we hope you find helpful.

1. Know your triggers. 

Stress can be caused and contributed to by many different factors. Be it work, family, financial problems, health issues, or any number of things, pinpointing what it is that’s causing you to feel this way is a great start and can help you to anticipate stress and get a better handle on it.

2. Find healthy habits. 

Find a release that isn’t damaging to your mind or body. Whether it’s physical activity, arts and crafts, reading, writing, even spending time with people (or animals!) you love, it’s important to have an activity that puts your mind at ease. You might not find yours right away, try different things and see what you enjoy.

3. Talk about it. 

Sharing how you feel can be a huge weight off your shoulders. If you choose to share with someone close to you, they may even offer up a solution. If you’re not comfortable talking about it with a person, writing it all down can be just as effective.

4. Be kind to yourself.

You deserve to live stress free. It can be hard, even uncomfortable to prioritise our own needs sometimes, but if a difficult conversation leads to a happier life, that bridge is worth crossing. Set boundaries and make sure that you are living your life for you.

5. Rest.

Allow yourself to slow down. Listen to your bodies signals. Sometimes reconnecting with ourselves and our surroundings is all it takes. Even if it’s taking 15 minutes to close your eyes and be still, take the time.

It’s important to note that stress is ever changing and contributed to by many factors, so there is no one size fits all when it comes to getting better. There are many “quick fix” solutions out there and they often regurgitate the same thing; eat healthy, get exercise, sleep well. But what if you can’t fit those things around your daily routine, or find that you already do them all and are still stressed? At CA we aim to help you find a more tailored approach to your personal stress journey. If you’re struggling, we highly recommend looking into our Compassionate Companion for self care or Qi Gong sessions. 

Photo by: Sean Oulashin