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Compassionate Contemplations

When we talk about the importance of kindness we rarely mean being kind to ourselves. Our marketing assistant Jess has written a blog about what it means to be kind to you, and how to implement it into your every day life. 



Being kind to ourselves can seem impossible sometimes, but is essential in keeping a healthy mind and body. Our relationship with ourselves affects all areas of our lives including our relationships with others. The journey to self acceptance isn’t an easy one, and needs to be taken slowly with patience and compassion. There are a few simple changes you can make in your life to ensure that you’re being kind to yourself. 

Firstly, take some time to consider the way you talk to yourself. Often we are our own biggest critic without even realising it. Take moments in the day to remind yourself that you are doing your best and that is enough. Next, consider the things in your life that make you happy. The things you’re grateful for, and the things that you can be investing more of your time in. If you have a hobby or interest that you never find the time for anymore, make an effort to make the time. Spend time with the people you love, and make sure you show your appreciation for them being there. Finally, it is essential to practice self care and incorporate it into your daily routine. Whether it’s watching your favourite film in the evening or even cooking your favourite dish for dinner, doing things for you is a great way to practice being kind to yourself. 

Learning to treat yourself as you deserve to be treated isn’t easy, but it’s so important. When we learn to be kind to ourselves, being kind to others comes naturally, and in spreading kindness we can heal the world.