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Little Bell

Photo by Alexandra Kudyntseva on Unsplash

Welcome to ‘Little Bell’, Compassionate Accompaniment’s little online shop. It is inspired by acts of kindness and compassionate care that we have seen throughout our journey. We hope that you find things that help you to care for yourself and those you love. We have selected our products from 7 family owned UK businesses, 5 of which are based in Scotland. We love our suppliers and have chosen them with great care. Our suppliers are small, family owned artisans creating exquisite hand made, unique, sustainable, eco-friendly products. You can find out more about our suppliers here

Your purchase will go toward helping us to continue to offer our free and donation based services for compassionate care, grief support and end of life care. At the same time you will have these wonderful natural, handmade care products that you can give to yourself and those you love. We offer UK delivery only. For delivery information please go to: Shipping and Postage

Why is it called ‘Little Bell’?
We felt that this was the perfect name for our shop. It is inspired by Misty’s travels and how no matter where she is in the world, the sound of bells helps her to feel ‘at home’. A note from Misty…

“There are so many ways we can be pulled away from what matters most to us. And then there is the longing to return to it. For me, the sound of bells is an invitation to return to where I am in the moment. There is a feeling of ‘home’ in their sound that carry I with me. May we each feel free to return to whatever feels like home to us.” - Misty Hannah